Talking Sports LCD Watch - Water Resistant with Alarm

Talking Sports LCD Watch - Water Resistant with Alarm
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Finally, a talking watch you can wear throughout the day without
worrying about getting it wet. Talking LCD Watch announces the time in a clear female voice at the simple touch of a button and features an easy-to-see 3/8 x 7/8 LCD with bold black numbers.
Plus it's water-resistant, (Should not be submerged in water) so it can withstand incidental contact with moisture and water, such as washing your hands. It's perfect for all active lifestyles and will be especially appreciated by the blind and those with low vision. Also
features an easy-to-set clock and alarm with snooze. Choose to wake to buzzer alarm or one of two music tones. Hourly time announcement from 6:00AM to 9:00PM (Can be turned off if not wanted.) Approximately 1-3/4 diameter watch front. Shaker proof: Can bear a moderate shake, but not a hard shock. Note: This watch has 4 function buttons: Talk, Mode, Hour and Minute. All other buttons and markings on the watch are for style and decorative purposes. Durable resin watchband. Silver colored face with black plastic band. Uses 1 CR2025 Battery

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