Women's Deluxe Atomic Talking Watch with Alarm and Bracele Band

This high fashion quality Women's Deluxe Talking Atomic watch with Alarm has clear male voice, with an easy to see 1 1/8" white face with bold black numbers and leather band.
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Women's Deluxe Atomic Talking Watch with Alarm--(English Voice) Easy to use.

NO need to set your watch ever again!!

 This Women's Atomic Talking Watch is one of easiest atomic watches for women to setup. The atomic analog watch is radio controlled from the official US time in Colorado and automatically resets for Daylight Saving Time. Radio controlled watches receive the time signal from the USA, UK, Germany and Japan. The accuracy of radio controlled watches is 1 second every million years. The atomic wrist watch also speaks the time and speaks the alarm in a clear masculine voice. This wrist watch would be great for the blind, or those who have low vision.  A Bracelet band and white dial with black numerals give the watch a timeless look.

This is the Best and Easiest Talking Atomic Watch on the Market Today!!!


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